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Bryan Cusack…….. South Africa’s original driftwood sculptor.

Bryan Cusack started sculpting in 1992. He then became a full-time driftwood sculptor in 2006 after seeing the abundance of driftwood on the beaches of The Wild Coast.

The wood was going un-utilized and he saw an opportunity to turn it into something tangible and meaningful so it became his preferred medium.

He made a deal with some local people who were moving and burning the driftwood to clear the beaches for cattle to rather gather it for him for payment. He still purchases his driftwood from the same community as well as several others and provides  welcome income in areas of extremely high unemployment.

The pieces started out small but slowly grew in proportion as his skill of working and manipulating such gnarly wood developed and was fine-tuned.

He is now well known for his oversized sculptures of extraordinary people, heroes, and legends.

As well as his trademark Legend Figures he also does life-size sculptures of domestic animals, birds, fish, and large African wildlife pieces.

Bryan undertakes commissions from corporate and private clients, as well as mainly sculpting his own pieces. Many of his works get exported, and are now also to be found throughout Southern Africa.

All of his pieces are available online through The WoodShack, or at select Galleries nationwide.